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Presses de l'Université Saint-Louis

The “Presses de l'Université Saint-Louis” was created at the decision of the Conseil de direction de l'Université Saint-Louis, on the ... Read more

Legal Economy/Management Social sciences History

Sils Maria

Founded in 1997, this publishing house focuses on the documentary collection of Gilles Deleuze. It is composed of the following collections:... Read more

Social sciences


BEYA Editions dedicates its publications and research to the texts, symbols, myths and images of Hermetism and the great traditions by focus... Read more

Social sciences


Boumboumtralala Editions were founded in Liège out of the quiet reflections of someone who is as discreet as he is omnipresent, James. Behi... Read more

Art Literature


Les Éditions Indicator, an independent publisher since 1990, specialises in legal advice in tax, social, financial and property matters. Th... Read more

Legal Economy/Management


In March 2009, “The Telegraph” wrote: “Charleroi: the most depressing city in Europe becomes more depressing by the day…” Since th... Read more

Youth Literature

Auracan Éditions

Gilbert Gascard, known as Tibet, is a prolific artist and screenwriter, known in particular for having created two long-form series : Chick ... Read more

Comic strip


As the head of the biggest single-storey bookshop (Filigranes), at least of Europe, Marc Filipson has nothing to prove. But he is passionate... Read more



Empaj Editions is a newly created publishing house active in the region of Liège. Its aim is to carefully select and study each manuscript ... Read more

Youth Literature

Archives générales du Royaume et Archives de l'État dans les Provinces (Archives de l'État)

The Archives générales du Royaume (General Archives of the Kingdom) and the Archives de l’État dans les Provinces (State Archives in th... Read more