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Traverse asbl (a non-profit organisation, formerly known as the Théâtre Traverse founded in 1993) has widened its activities in literary p... Read more



These publications are sold by the ‘Stiftung Gralsbotschaft’, a non-profit organisation without religious ties. It was founded in 1951 o... Read more


Espace Nord

The Espace Nord collection gathers together more than 300 titles of French-language Belgian literary heritage. Characterised by its pocket f... Read more



PHI editions were founded at the end of the 1970ies and, thanks to its passionate editorial work, literature in Luxembourg underwent a reviv... Read more

Youth Literature History Poetry

ABA Éditions - Association belge des athées

ABA (Belgian association of atheists) Editions publishes a collection "Atheist Studies" which includes collective thematic works and books o... Read more

Social sciences

H&L Publishing

Publishing house specialising in ebooks on firearms. ... Read more



Pat. H publishing house is specialised in illustrated books and geographic and touristic editions for 4- and 5-stars hotels, such as Welcome... Read more

Art Tourism and travel


Initially founded in order to publish translations of Bosnian, Croation and Serbian literature, M.E.O. editions very quickly saw their activ... Read more


Couleur livres

Stemming from Editions Vie, and loyal to the spirit which has guided more than 50 years of rigorous, critical and accessible publications, C... Read more

Social sciences

L'L éditions

Nowadays, motivated by the goal of a better showing of what's a study in scenic art, Michèle Braconnier and Pierre Boitte created a publish... Read more

Literature Social sciences