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Cahiers de la Fonderie

Les Cahiers de La Fonderie have been published since 1986. The unique approach of this publication is to value and promote the daily life an... Read more

Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image imprimée

With a rich collection of almost 13,000 works by contemporary artists, the Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée primarily has the ... Read more


(sic) asbl

Sic publishes, along with its eponymous magazine, historical and theoretical works about modern and contemporary art, artists’ books and m... Read more


Centre International de Phonétique Appliquée (CIPA)

CIPA was founded in 1965. The main aim of CIPA was to study a language as an oral phenomenon, in order to promote teaching languages and mul... Read more

Lezarts Urbains

Lezarts Urbains is a company centred on hip hop and urban cultures (hip hop dance, rap, graffiti, street art…). On its own or partnered wi... Read more


Alice Jeunesse

Founded in 1995, Alice Éditions started by publishing fine books and essays. It was in 2001 that Alice Jeunesse (Alice’s children’s boo... Read more

Youth Literature


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Youth Literature History Poetry

Fondation Maurice Carême

The Maurice Carême Foundation only distributes the works (poetry and prose) of the poet Maurice Carême, an internationally renowned writer... Read more

Youth Poetry


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