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Au Service des Enfants

Au Service des Enfants (asbl) publish educational documents for primary education. The documents are composed by teachers guided by voluntee... Read more

School Extracurricular


Lessius publishes works of research, study and popularizing works on theology, philosophy and exegesis. Meeting the challenges of today, Les... Read more

Social sciences


These publications are sold by the ‘Stiftung Gralsbotschaft’, a non-profit organisation without religious ties. It was founded in 1951 o... Read more



Weyrich editions is a French-speaking publishing house based in Neufchateau and published its first book in 2001. The house then broadened i... Read more

Art Literature History Tourism and travel

Cormor en nuptial

The publishing house (which publishes books at the expense of the publisher) "Cormor en nuptial", anagram of "L'amen-corruption", essentiall... Read more



... Read more


De Rouck Geocart

De Rouck, road maps and tour guides meant to make your life easier. De Rouck is the undisputed leader of cartographic publishing in Belgium.... Read more

Tourism and travel

Presses de l'Université Saint-Louis

The “Presses de l'Université Saint-Louis” was created at the decision of the Conseil de direction de l'Université Saint-Louis, on the ... Read more

Legal Economy/Management Social sciences History

Boîte à Pandore

The truth is always good to read… Our publishing house determinedly engages in wanting to promote the big questions of society. Our unique... Read more

Social sciences History


Bozon2x editions is a feast of unclassifiable novels, literary UFOs, and joyful frenzies at the crossroads of genres. A panel of explosive w... Read more