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Atelier 34 Zéro Muzeum

Atelier 34zero Muzeum is an independant contemporary art muzeum. Founded in 2014 from the ashes of Atelier 340 Muzeum, it targets studying a... Read more


CLARA Architecture/Recherche

CLARA Architecture/Recherche (ISSN: 2295-3671 - e-ISSN:2593-5747) is a double-blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal, financially supported b... Read more


Les Éditions Indicator, an independent publisher since 1990, specialises in legal advice in tax, social, financial and property matters. Th... Read more

Legal Economy/Management

Part d'âge

The name of the publishing house represents its editorial line: the sharing of a moment of life. She therefore specializes in life narrative... Read more



« You should write a book, » your friends tell you…Passing on the story of your family or your business, or the fruits of your professio... Read more

Literature Social sciences


Since its foundation in 1999, the editorial line of the Éditions Jourdan has remained the same: to share with its readers a passion for His... Read more

Art Economy/Management Literature Social sciences History Exact sciences

Murmure des soirs

Founded in 2011, Murmure des soirs is a publishing house specialising in Belgian literature. It publishes novels and short stories, detectiv... Read more

Literature Poetry


Comics, novels, non-fiction, adult or children audience, Kennes editions favours love at first sight over the respect of a rigorous editoria... Read more

Art Comic strip Legal Economy/Management Youth Social sciences

Pierre d'Alun

... Read more

Art Poetry

Archives et Musée de la Littérature (AML)

As a publisher, the AML (Archives and Literature  Museum) editions creates: - Critical editions of Belgian authors, correspondences and bio... Read more