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Founded in 1987 and based in Louvain-la-Neuve, at the heart of the university city, Academia is a publishing house specialising in  human s... Read more

Literature Social sciences


As the head of the biggest single-storey bookshop (Filigranes), at least of Europe, Marc Filipson has nothing to prove. But he is passionate... Read more


Bon Livre

Bon Livre is the network of biblical bookshops of the Mission Évangélique Belge. Bon Livre is also a small publishing house. ... Read more


Presses universitaires de Namur

Since its foundation in 1972, Les Presses universitaires de Namur (the academic presses of Namur) have shone light onto the research carried... Read more

Social sciences Exact sciences

Wolters Kluwer

... Read more

Legal Economy/Management

Arbre à paroles (L')

A historic publishing house in the field of French-language poetry, L’Abre à paroles today publishes around twenty works a year, taking a... Read more


Accro Editions

Because literature is a question of passion? Lire et Relire (Read and Reread) is the first Accro Editions collection, and it is dedicated to... Read more


Fondation Henri Lafontaine

The Fundation, founded in 2011 to honor Henri LA FONTAINE's work, aims to pass on and actualize the humanist's values on the importance of t... Read more

Midis de la Poésie

Founded in 1949, the Midis de la poésie is an association from Brussels which has, for more than sixty years, promoted literature and poetr... Read more


Le Lion Z'ailé de Waterloo

... Read more

Literature Social sciences