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Oiseaux de nuit (Les)

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As the head of the biggest single-storey bookshop (Filigranes), at least of Europe, Marc Filipson has nothing to prove. But he is passionate... Read more


Vanden Broele

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Legal Social sciences

Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique

We publish nature brochures (on fauna, flora, soil, ecology…) aimed at the wider public, students, naturalists and scientists. ... Read more

Social sciences

Cormier (Le)

Le Cormier Editions was founded in Brussels in 1949 by Fernand Verhesen (1913-2009). Poet, essayist and translator, Verhesen was also a grea... Read more

Literature Poetry

Presses universitaires de Namur

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Social sciences Exact sciences


The Société d’Études Latines de Bruxelles, a non-profit organisation founded 11th July 1936, publishes, under the title "Latomus", a qu... Read more



3Cinq7 is a publishing house from Liège. We publish mostly masonic works along with some symbolic and esoteric literature. We are our own b... Read more

Social sciences

Larcier Luxembourg

Larcier Luxembourg editions have joined the Lefebvre Sarrut Group since December 2011 and offer a rich and practical catalogue intended for ... Read more



Kate’Art Éditions is a young, dynamic publishing house founded in 2000. Its mission is to make art and culture accessible to children and... Read more

Art Youth