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Vies Parallèles

We believe that a book made of paper is a cutting-edge technology which has possibilities still to be explored; and Vies parallèles will ta... Read more



« You should write a book, » your friends tell you…Passing on the story of your family or your business, or the fruits of your professio... Read more

Literature Social sciences

D-Day Publishing

Speciality: First and Second World Wars ... Read more

Comic strip Literature


... Read more

Art Economy/Management Literature Social sciences Leisure and practical life History Tourism and travel

ABA Éditions - Association belge des athées

ABA (Belgian association of atheists) Editions publishes a collection "Atheist Studies" which includes collective thematic works and books o... Read more

Social sciences


Pat. H publishing house is specialised in illustrated books and geographic and touristic editions for 4- and 5-stars hotels, such as Welcome... Read more



Founded in 1981, the NordSud publishing house has offered to children’s litterature some of its most famous heroes : the glittering Rainbo... Read more


Jeunesse et Droit

... Read more

Social sciences

Zones Sensibles

Zones Sensibles is a Belgian publishing house, based in Brussels and specialised in the sciences of men (and also benefiting from 15 years o... Read more

Art Social sciences

Fondation Roi Baudouin

King Baudouin Foundation aims to contribute to a better society. It is a foundation of public usage. It was created in 1976. The Foundation ... Read more

Social sciences