An ONLIT book nominated for Horizon prize
literary prize
23 Nov 2021
Wallonia Book Fairs : Mons Livre becomes le Salon du livre de Wallonie
23 Nov 2021
L'Autre livre 2021
23 Nov 2021
In 5 days !
15 Oct 2021





    Guadalajara International Book Fair

    Guadalajara, Mexico.

    The Guadalajara International Book Fair is the most important publishing gathering in Ibero-America.



    Children's Book and Press Fair

    Montreuil, France.

    See you in Montreuil and throughout France, around the theme "We!".


    Grants for the sales of publishing rights and for translation

    Grants for the sales of publishing rights and for translation

    To promote on the international scene Belgian publishers and authors, the public authorities have provided various financial support.
    2019 publishing numbers

    2019 publishing numbers

    Key figures of French-speaking Belgian publishers in 2019.

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      Wallonie-Bruxelles Édition's mission is to ensure the influence of French-speaking Belgian books on a national and international scale. This showcase is aimed at all professionals in the world of books who wish to discover our production: publishers, literary agents, translators, authors, booksellers, librarians... both Belgian and foreign. It is managed by two associations and includes a complete directory of Belgian publishers, whether or not they are members of these associations.


      The Association of Belgian publishers gathers around seventy publishers, professional distributors and broadcasters and offers works in French on all kinds of formats (printed and digital).

      Les éditeurs singuliers

      Les éditeurs singuliers (The Singular Publishers) gathers around fifty publishers from a variety of genres (literature, arts, human sciences, graphic novels) and promotes independent and creative publishing.