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The Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) is the first trans-European research network in the field of European affairs. It cons... Read more

Legal Economy/Management


Delta Editions was founded in Brussels in 1976, with its primary activity being the publication of reference works on the European Union and... Read more

Art Legal

ABA Éditions - Association belge des athées

ABA (Belgian association of atheists) Editions publishes a collection "Atheist Studies" which includes collective thematic works and books o... Read more

Social sciences


Created in 2000 by Xavier Francart, Aparté is a publishing house centred on Belgian heritage in the wider sense : the natural, architectura... Read more

Art Tourism and travel

Le Lion Z'ailé de Waterloo

... Read more

Literature Social sciences

Académie royale de Belgique

Publishing is one of the fundamental aims of the Royal Academy of Belgium. It publishes the works of its members, and of the most celebrated... Read more

Art Exact sciences

Image publique

We publish books of authors who fulfill their dreams, and want to let the entire world know about what they have gained from it. Life journe... Read more

Youth Literature Leisure and practical life

ARP2 Éditions

ARP2 éditions is a publishing house dedicated to the art of photography. In particular, ARP2 éditions promotes the work of photographers w... Read more


Coopération par l'Éducation et la Culture (CEC)

Coopération par l’'Éducation et la Culture - CEC (Cooperation through Education and Culture) is a non-governmental organisation which ac... Read more

Literature Social sciences


Marginales is a Belgian review founded in 1945 by Albert Ayguesparse, a key figure in Belgian literature. Since its beginnings, Marginales h... Read more