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Our publishing house has a close professional relationship with its authors, listening to their worries and their dreams. This is in order t... Read more

Youth Literature


Since its creation in 2003, the general philosophy of the house has been to publish manuscripts that have been refused by other publishers, ... Read more


GAR - Groupe d'ateliers de recherche

GAR (the research workshops group) is a very important participant in the Architecture faculty of the University of Liège and has a double ... Read more


Genèse Édition

Crossing borders, playing away from ethnocentrism, Genèse Édition is a Franco-Belgian publishing house, created in April 2009. Its publish... Read more



We are a company of traditional media, focusing on the future. Our activities include the daily Grenz Echo, new medias, online portals, maga... Read more

Art Literature

Glénat Benelux

Glénat is a French publishing house which engages in the fields of comic books, manga and beau-livre (fine books). ... Read more

Art Comic strip Youth Literature Leisure and practical life Tourism and travel


These publications are sold by the ‘Stiftung Gralsbotschaft’, a non-profit organisation without religious ties. It was founded in 1951 o... Read more



Since its creation in 1979, GRIP (which is, above all, a centre of research on questions of international security) has launched itself into... Read more

Legal Social sciences History

Groupe Esthétique (MaYaK)

Groupe Esthétique is a platform of communication as well as being an observatory point of those surrounding: - MaYaK : an annual book-revie... Read more